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We are engaged in the supply of high quality Surgical and Dental Instruments and surgery consumables to premiere quality conscious customers all over the world.

Quick AND Efficient Delivery

No Hassles Supported by a very large inventory base, we are able to deliver in minimum time, enabling our very best clients to minimize their stock requirements.

We Value Our Best Customer

We take our commitments with our customers very seriously by maintaining our promises regarding the raw-materials, product quality, lead time and price as the focal point.
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About Us

We are the Manufacturer and Supplier of Different Types STAINLESS STEEL INSTRUMENTS including Surgical, Dental, Orthopedic Implants, Ophthalmic and Veterinary Instruments located in Small industrial Estate which is the Heart of Gujranwala  Surgical Instruments Industry. At Orthogrip, we work for the satisfaction of the respectable customers. Our skilled technicians begin with the fine grade of stainless steel and hand craft them into instruments of perfect quality. A combination of traditional manufacturing methods & modern technology helps us to manufacture high quality products.





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